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Thurst One (@thurst1mc) is a Conscious Emcee and Producer on a mission to help heal the world with his sound! 

Born and raised in Southern California, Thurst began listening to Hip Hop at an early age.

During his High School years, he started "cyphering" or "freestyle" rapping with his friends, and developed a true passion for the art form known as Hip Hop.

In 2000, he was introduced to the world of electronic music and instantly fell in love! He then began spending countless hours freestyle rapping to Drum and Bass music in his free time.

In 2005, he began getting some performance experience in the underground rave scene where he would regularly emcee at various Drum and Bass events in Hollywood and Downtown LA. He earned himself a resident MC spot at a weekly Drum and Bass event called Samurai Sundaze in Hollywood, CA which was put on by the one and only Sam Robson aka XXXL aka Sam XL, founder of Pure Filth Sound, and owner of the Temple of Boom record shop.

In 2008, he moved to North Lake Tahoe. Over the next few years he learned that music was something he was meant to do. It was there that he decided he was going to give music everything he has which led him to begin attending Full Sail University, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Music Production online in 2019. After getting his bachelors degree he decided to continue his education and move across the country to attend Full Sail's Graduate degree program in person in Orlando, FL. He studied Entertainment Business there, graduating with a 4.0 in June of 2020. Near the end of his tenure at Full Sail University he met the love of his life, a singer/songwriter by the name of Raina Rae (@rainarae11) and they formed a Duo  called "Deep Dive" (@d33p.dive). The duo released their debut EP titled "Soulplay" on April 16th, 2021. Thurst is currently working on taking his sound in the electronic direction with his next solo single release titled "My Word" which is a collaboration between him and Cameron Reay aka Mass of Acid (@massofacid).

The single drops on all platforms April 20th, 2022 @ 4:20pm!

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Stay Thursty Friends!!!

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Stay Thursty!!

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