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Healing the World One Song at a Time:

Thurst One’s Musical Odyssey
Beginnings in SoCal

From the sunny streets of Southern California, Thurst One’s love for hip-hop began to bloom early on. High school years saw him immersed in the art, “cyphering” and “freestyle” rapping with friends, forging a deep-rooted passion for the genre.
Journey into Electronic Music

The turn of the millennium brought a fresh wave of inspiration for Thurst. 2000 marked his foray into electronic music, particularly Drum and Bass, becoming not just a listener, but an active contributor. By 2005, he had already made waves in the underground rave scene of  Los Angeles. His undeniable talent earned him a coveted resident MC spot at Samurai Sundaze, a revered weekly Drum and Bass event backed by the industry legend, Sam Robson aka XXXL aka SamXL.
Growth and Education

2008 saw a change in scenery as Thurst moved to North Lake Tahoe.

This period of reflection and growth reinforced his commitment to music. His passion eventually led him to start classes at Full Sail University, earning him 2 degrees, graduating in 2020 with top honors in Music Production and Entertainment Business.
Love and Collaboration: Deep Dive

The final stretch at Full Sail brought more than just academic accolades. It was here that he crossed paths with the talented singer/songwriter Raina Rae. Together, they birthed the duo “Deep Dive”, releasing their evocative EP, “Soulplay”, in 2021. Raina, with her recent solo release "In the feelin'" produced by Thurst, explores the intricate dance of emotions, urging listeners to embrace their feelings. With a music video in the works for the song, set for a November 2023 release, Thurst One’s journey is far from over.
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Home: Music


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